Personal Histories

These works look back to our shared cultural history: cinematic, theatrical, and psychological - through a subjective prism pointing outwards to the fullness of lived experience.

The Case of the Vanishing Gods -- NOTFILM -- Between Two Cinemas

The Exploding Digital Inevitable -- The Book of Paradise Has No Author

The Cropping of the Spectacle


Personal Ethnographies

These works are neither avant garde cinema or traditional ethnography. I report on groups or environments of which I’m already a part. They include portraits and documents, landscapes and stories. They take the form of films, videos, photos, and recordings that tell something about a person or group of people: how they live and how they relate to each other. They’re at once removed and engaged, observing and participating, impersonal and extremely personal.

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Secular Magic

Truth and fiction are outdated concepts; their outer polarity masking an inner unity. Contemporary post-Situationist society takes the illusion of social structure as the starting point in its navigation of psychological space. As accepted truths break apart, fictions coalesce into lived experience. Depending who you talk to, secular magic can be virtually anything, but I take it as the creation of a space between truth and fiction where the impossible is experientially encountered in our lives.

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Ruin as Metaphor

Everything that’s built crumbles in time: buildings, cultures, fortunes, and lives. The detritus of civilization tells us no less about our current epoch than an archeological dig speaks to history. The urban ruin is particularly compelling because it tells of the recent past, and reminds us that our own lives and creations will also soon pass into dust. These film, video, and performance works explore decay in a myriad of forms—architectural, cultural, and personal.

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Phantom Narratives

Tales of non-telling. These works subvert or ignore the boundaries of contemporary narrative, integrating storytelling and visual artworks in different permutations. Each has a deep investment in its story, while simultaneously transforming common notions of narrative form.

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