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Illustrated Lectures


Fixing FILM Featured presentation at Samuel Beckett and the Nonhuman, Vrije University, Brussels 2019.
Restoring Hoop Dreams Presentation at Getting Real; International Documentary Association Conference; Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles, September 2018.
Essay and Esse Keynote presentation at Essaydox Symposium, Doku.arts Festival, Berlin 2016.
Skill and Dilettantism in Canon Formation Public premiere at Misfits: Time Based Media and the Museum, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, October 2015.
Operation CROSSROADS: A Restoration Case Study Public premiere at Museum of Modern Art, New York, October 2013; in-progress version presented at Reel Thing Technical Symposium, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles, August 2013.
A School of Seeing: Cinematic Perception in Museums and Galleries Originally presented at the Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, 2012. Made possible by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.
Passing Shadows: Cassavetes and Mingus Revised version presented at Cinefamily, Los Angeles, 2011; originally presented at EMP Music Conference, Seattle, 2008.
Digital Subjectivity: Restoring Barbara Loden's Wanda ZdC Keynote, USC, Los Angeles, 2011. Originally presented at Reel Thing Technical Symposium, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles, 2010
The Savage Ear of Kent Mackenzie Alternative Projections, Los Angeles Film Forum/USC, 2010.
Reconstructing the Avant-garde: Tom Chomont International Experimental Media Congress/Images Festival, Toronto, 2010.
Anger Rising: The Restoration of Films of Kenneth Anger Reel Thing TS, Eastman Kodak, Rochester, 2007; and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Los Angeles, 2007.
In Search of the Lacuna: The Elusive Art of Film Preservation Harvard Film Archive, Carpenter Center for the Arts, Cambridge, 2006.

Publications (selection)


Defogging WANDA The Current, Criterion, 2019.
From FILM to NOTFILM FILM and NOTFILM, DVD booklet essay - British Film Institute, 2017.
Thom Andersen, Re-zoopraxographer Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxograher, DVD booklet essay, 2016.
Babel: The Remake Incite, Fall, 2015.
Kent Mackenzie's THE EXILES: Reinventing the Real of Cinema Alternative Projections: Experimental Film in Los Angeles, 1945-1980, John Libbey Publishing, 2015.
Conservation at a Crossroads Artforum, October, 2013.
Strange Victories: A Tribute to Barney Rosset Evergreen Review, No. 130, 2012.
Lost in Appalachia (J.L. Anderson's Spring Night, Summer Night) Sight and Sound, January 2012.
In Search of Sight-Specific Cinema The Moving Image, Spring 2012.
Restoring The Times of Harvey Milk The Times of Harvey Milk, DVD booklet essay, The Criterion Collection, 2011.
Whither Bruce Baillie? Quick Billy, Bruce Baillie Vol. III DVD booklet essay, 2011.
The Gray Zone: A Restorationist's Travel Guide The Moving Image, Vol. 9, No. 2, Fall 2009/10.
Mingus, Cassavetes, and the Birth of a Jazz Cinema The Journal of Film Music, Vol. 2, No 2, Spring 2010.
Tillie's Punctured Legacy: the Restoration of Charlie Chaplin's First Feature The Journal of Early Popular Visual Culture, Vol. 2, No. 7, July 2009.
The Films of Stephen Lighthill Mining the Home Movie: Excavations in Histories and Memories, University of California Press, 2007.
Technical Aesthetics in the Preservation of Film Art
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Big as Life: An American History of 8mm Films, New York Museum of Modern Art/San Francisco Cinematheque, 1998.
A Brief Note on Dye Stability Journal of Film Preservation, Vol. XXVI, No. 54, 1997.
Problems of Independent Film Preservation
Journal of Film Preservation, Vol. XXV, No. 53, 1996.

Interviews, Documentary Works, and Miscellaneous Writings


Ken and Flo Jacobs Oral History (video document: research) Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Oral History Project, 2018.
Billy and Charles Bless Their Little Hearts. Director/Cinematographer/Editor, video interview with Billy Woodberry. DVD featurette, Milestone, 2018.
Bruce Baillie Oral History (video document: interviewer/researcher/editor) Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Oral History Project, 2018.
NOTFILM: Blu-ray and DVD two-disc set Produced, directed and edited all supplemental features for DVD/Blu-ray release, Milestone, 2017.
Thom Andersen Oral History (video document: interviewer/researcher) Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Oral History Project, 2017.
Robert Gitt Oral History (video document: interviewer/researcher) Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Oral History Project, 2017.
Shirley Clarke's THE CONNECTION: A Conversation with Albert Brenner The Connection: Project Shirley, Vol. 1. DVD featurette, Milestone, 2014.
The Link Revisited: A Conversation with Denardo Coleman Ornette: Made in America. Skype interview originally presented at UCLA Film & Television Archive Festival of Preservation, Billy Wilder Theater, Los Angles, March 19, 2013. Published as DVD featurette, Milestone, 2014.
Shades of Gray: An Interview with Ross Lipman Mike Dillon, Spectator 32.1, Spring 2012, pp. 45-54.
At the Dolores (Killer of Sheep cast reunion documentary) Killer of Sheep: The Charles Burnett Collection. DVD featurette, Milestone, 2007.
Sid Laverents Oral History (video document: interviewer) view transcript as PDF DVD directed and authored by Amy Sloper with Michelle Weis, Association of Moving Image Archivists Oral History Project, 2006.
The Restoration of John Cassavetes' Shadows (documentary: author/narrator) John Cassavetes: Five Films (DVD set), The Criterion Collection, 2004.
A Short Survey of Experimenal Cinema Preservation Association of Moving Image Archivists Conference, Montreal, 1999.
Artur Aristakisian: Exodus of Love (interview translation)
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(unpublished, from Internationales Forum des Jungen Films catalog, Berlin International Film Festival 1994, translation 1997)